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I haven't been on Motortopia for long, but I've voted on the challenges for just about the whole time. In that time, there have been a lot of ill-mannered comments about cheating, people asking for votes, and friends blindly voting for friends no matter what the cars involved in the challenge are. I don't think this is right, and to that and I've started the "Independant Challengers" group, to promote fairness in the challenge game. When you join, all I ask is that you vote honestly. If you honestly prefer, say, a rough-but-restorable Falcon to a mint-restored Chevelle SS, by all means that's the way we encourage you to vote. Maybe you like sedans better than convertible, or a handler over a straight-line screamer. The 4-door or the handler gets your style or performance vote if that's the way you see it. Come on, Motortopia! Join in and tell the rest of the site that you want truth in the Challenge game!

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