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??The way without flameout quickly shift lever into neutral
??Discount car electronics?There will be a lot of people have such troubles, automatic car life a little longer, often appeared on the road without flameout, this time, you should have an emergency correct treatment or time to do check to car to car.
??If encounter this kind of situation, the pilot first don't panic, a quick look around the traffic situation around, if the surrounding traffic conditions and conditions, can try to restart the engine in the case of not parking. automotive electronics suppliers.
??For vehicles with automatic transmission with a neutral safety switch, the vehicle can only block to starting in block P and N. Because the vehicle is still in the freewheel, must not be directly onto the P gear shift lever. But can change into the N block, the engine is restarted methods are: the shift lever into neutral ( N ), generally do not need to step on the brake can shift from the D block to change into the N block, then turn the ignition switch to start (START) position, restart after the success, then quickly put the gear lever D block, can normally run. If after several attempts, the engine is still not start, the fault is more serious, then you should pull over. First hit the steering lamp, while observing the traffic situation slowly parking.
??Automatic vehicle flameout midway restart has certain danger. Requirements for vehicle drivers must be more familiar with the operation, if the force is too large and the gear lever directly into the reverse gear ( R ), will cause great damage to the transmission. The ignition switch of some cars could prevent two start, you must first turn back to the closed position, to restart, but be careful not to let the steering wheel lock. In addition, the engine flameout, braking and steering is failure, then, need more power to control vehicle.
??If you are a novice, it would be best to get pulled over, ask for help or rescue. Remember: at any time, the use of cranking are not equipped with automatic transmission vehicle.
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