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I took Roxy out yesterday and took her for the real drive. Turns out that the Anti light came back on and The brake light comes on when I hit the brake. As frustrating as that is, I am just glad I have back brakes now. The big problem is done. Now I just need to work on the small stuff. I am positive the brake light is on because I did not bleed the brakes right. I was in a rush and just got it done. So, I will be doing that today, the right way. Then I have an appointment with the dealer to get the codes ran for the anti light. I am hoping that all they need to do is reset the ABS. But, we will see what they say tomorrow. So, right now I am able to drive her.....That's the important part. And I can work on the small problems with her when I get the time. The check engine light also came on now. I think this is because I put a new K&N air filter on and its getting to much air. But, I will have the dealer run that to, just to make sure.

New projects for this week. I gotta get the paint for her and fix some serfist rust and take the bumper off the POS and paint that to. I am also going to look into arm rests for the doors. I was told I could make my own out of fiberglass. Dont know how hard that will be but I will be looking into it. I am also thinking about putting the stock tires back on and possibly dropping her 3in. or so. I am also hopping that I can get the trans out and in to get the syncros done.

Thats it for now. soon I will have the car of my dreams and be ready to start the next one. My wife will not be happy about that, so I wont tell her till its time. LOL.

Thanks for reading and if you have any ideas for the projects for the week or would like to make a suggestion feel free to post a comment or send me a privet msg.