Filed under: 2005 Dodge Stratus Coupe (ThunderStratus SXT)

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Well I have to say, this was an experience being in the Auto Fair this past weekend. We learned allot from other Car show owners, and picked up some vital information for later projects. Although in a sense I felt like I was back on here in Challenges. Out of the 600 plus entries only 10 were best of shows judged by actual judges, then the Next top 50 or so, ( I lost count) were picked by other owners. Each participant was given in their packet a sheet to where you pick the top 10, so allot of buddy, buddy going on, LOL. Oh well, that's cool. We wanted to do the show for the experience and probably be back next year.. Our trophies were the folks that stopped by and compliment us on what a nice ride and how clean inside and out it looked. We also got comments on the Mini Stratus displayed on top of the motor on a revolving stand and the BIG Gene Simmons action figure perched on the car battery. That was our trophies.. So all in all a good experience, a big pat on our back for having the only Stratus there too!!