Filed under: 1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo (# The Hell Beast)

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I went to Ford u-pull it yard yesterday and discovered that they have 2 3rd gen montes in the yard. I one of the montes had the rare tilt colume with a cruise control switch. I figured that I would pull it from the car and figure out if it was worth the time and money I invested in it. I took a good look at it today and found out that the colume is in great shape just needs a rag joint. There is no movement in the colume when it is locked in place. So tomarrow I will clean up the colume and paint it. When everything is dry I will pull out the old POS colume and replace it with the tilt colume. The next things I am going to pull off the car is the doors. But that is another post. Best of luck to all of you guys who are the hunt for a prefect tilt colume thay are still out there. Just keep looking.