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Well wouldn't ya know it,Cold weather in the 30's and ready to go to an after Thanksgiving Day gathering and the battery in the car is crankin' sloooow. Ut Oh!
Checked the cables and terminals and all seem good.
I can't blame it though,It was six years old starting on seven. I should have changed it sooner.But you know you always tend to overlook the battery until it's to late.
One day it's fine ,The next day Poof! Nuthin'
It was a good excuse to try one of those Optima Yellow Top batteries I have been seeing advertised and talked about.
Maybe a good idea since Kim wants to put in a better sound system in the near future so she can play all those CD/s and let the neighbors know she's coming a mile down the road.
So we'll see if there really worth there weight in Gold.
Damn things are heavy too that's for sure!
Who ever designed the area where to put the battery in a 6th generation Chevy Monte Carlo SS needs there head examined!
It was mostly just wire cables in the way.
It looks big enough where it is but is still a tight squeeze in there specially if you have big hands but with a little jockeying around did finally make it in it's hole.
The battery tray was a little caroded but not to bad,Cleaned up ok.
I'll replace that in the spring and have it powdercoated red with some other parts I am having done.
Well It's one more part I won't have to worry about over the Winter!
I hope!