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As everyone knows the south got hit hard a couple weeks ago with tornadoes. Even the mountains that usually protects E. TN from these twisters was not spared from these deadly storms. The area I live in got hit with an EF3 tornado. It hit both Greene County and Washington County TN, I live in Washington county. Just to give an idea how we're NOT used to getting these things, the last recorded twister in the community I live in was sometime back in the 1930's!

The pics in the album only show the carnage around my house, which pales in comparison to what alot of other people got. Quite a few families lost everything they had, including 2 of my husband's cousins, his aunt and uncle, and there were 7 families that I go to church with who lost everything. One of my husband's cousins was very seriously injured with all of her ribs on her left side broke, hip broke, collar bone broke, and if I remember correctly, one if not both of her legs broke.

By the absolute Grace of God we came out basically unscathed. That thing came down from the hill behind the house right on top of us. We never heard it coming, never heard the freight train sound, never really realized what hit us until it was over and we went out side and saw the chaos. I hope to NEVER go through this again!!!!