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Since March of 2006, the Monte has been sitting on jack stands while I was performing the swap. There were three main stages to the swap

Stage One.
This consisted of removing the stock computerized Quadrajet and intake manifold. When removing these things, you have to remove the valve covers as well. While I had the intake and valve covers off I did a little cleaning too. I also decided to remove the exhaust manifolds and the mechanical fuel pump.

The next thing was to remove the fan/clutch assembly from the water pump and the fan shroud assembly. I went ahead and removed the radiator too so I would have plenty of room to work.

Then I had to remove the old computer and wiring harness. This included removing the passenger side inner fender liner too. It allows easy access to where the wiringharness passes through the firewall into the passenger compartment.

After everything was removed, It was time to prep for the new TPI and the begging of stage 2.

Stage 2.
I went through the painless wiring harness and began sorting the wires. I used wire ties and wire looms to sort everything into preliminary bundles. Once I had everything sorted out, I did a trial fit to make sure everything ended up where it was suppose to.

The intake manifold's center bolts had to be opened up to fit my earlier style heads. I also decided to port the upper plenum and lower plenum to help with air flow. This was also the perfect time to paint the intake and runners. I decided I wanted something different than everyone else. I went with anodized blue to really highlight the TPI setup.

Next was to install the new headers. This seemed like it was the toughest task of all. The longtubes were a very tight fit, but a perfect fit. I had a u-bracket fab-ed up to notch the factory cross-member.

Next was to upgrade the fuel system. I lowered the gas tank and removed the sender unit. I replaced this with a walbro 255lph intank fuel pump. I then re-installed the tank and added a hi-pressure fuel filter from an 88 Tune Port Camaro. I replaced all the rubber lines with fuel injection hose and clamps.

I then installed the lower intake and began re-assembling the TPI. After the hard parts were put together, I began plugging in the harness to the proper sensors and injectors. When everything was plugged in I decided to hook up that battery to fire her off.

This is where Stage three came in to play.

Stage 3
This consisted of debugging the system and installing the new custom 3 inch dual exhuast and Spintech Mufflers. After about a month of chasing a TPS code, I finally got the engine running good. It was then time to fit the LS1 Dual electric fans and wire them up through two relays. I also had to use a custom alternator bracket because I was keeping the v-belt setup for now.

Overall- the project was a success and well worth the trouble.