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Well, I finally got the Bullitt to the track on Saturday after getting it all tuned up right and got some runs in.

For a little background... I'm on stock rear and 245 Fusion ZRi tires @ 40psi... not exactly set up for launching, but the car is in FULL street trim. No weight removed (still got books and junk in it), no tire pressure lowering, nothing. Full Street trim... With this car, that's what it important to me. That plus running 12's in said street trim. :) So, anyway, with that out of the way :D

First Run
I was up against a white LS1 Camaro Z28. I get the better reaction time, though he out-60's me w/ his DR's. By the end of the track I'm a couple cars ahead...

Me = 13.117 @ 109.60 (2.15x) 60'
Him = 13.2-13.3 (going off what my dad said the timing board read)

Second Run
This time I'm up against a black '02 WS6 whose owner I'd been talking to. It was his first time at the track w/ this car, and he wasn't running much better than high 13's. Anywho, I out-launch him and his 2.2-2.3 60' and walk him all the way down the track to a :

Me = 13.033 @ 131* (2.13x 60, I think)... dang .034 from 12's :mad:
Him = 13.7 or so

[SIZE="2"]*Haha... obviously a timing error. My dad says the board showed a 111mph trap

Third Run
Not worth talking about... I got all screwed up by the guy in the other lane and not knowing when the lights were gonna go... forgot to turn T/C off and I showed everyone the good old Mustang T/C spin-then-bog, then coasted to something terrible.

Fourth Run
I think the staging lanes were actually closed when I got in line this time because only one guy was left and no one else was headed for them, but since there was only one guy left, they let me run with him... and fortunately for me they did.

So, of course this last guy is the C5, a Millenium Yellow C5 Hatch to be exact. So, we pull up to the line and again, I put a few cars or so on the launch and pull another couple by the end of the track... nothing that exciting really, except that I just beat a C5 w/o breaking a sweat. :D Anyway, I pull up to the little timeslip shed for the moment of truth. I'm waiting for the guy to say "Bring a helmet next time" as my clue that I ran 12's, but unfortunately he doesn't... So here it is:

Me = 12.974 @ 110 (2.14 60') :D
Him = ?

Obviously, they don't care about the whole safety thing that much :lol:

So anyway, I accomplished my goal of 12's in full street trim and took down a few LS1's in the process... and trapped 110+. So, it's definately got some ET left in her. That's a good track day in my book. Next stop, mid-12's. :D