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I like to trade stuff, especially vehicles. Maybe that is why I never seem to really get anywhere with my myriad collection of project vehicles! That Dodge Town Panel I got last week? I've already got that sold to another Motortopian! My '48 Ford sedan? I've got it traded for a '48 Chevy coupe in Texas that I need to go and get very soon! My '65 F250? Sold (hopefully) to a guy in Texas, who is trying to scrounge a trailer to come and get this truck!

I traded a 383 Chrysler engine with tranny to a friend last month for a '77 Cordoba with a running 400 4-bbl, but it has a bad trans front seal, so it's a dead soldier until I fix the seal! See what I mean?

I'm really hoping the Chevy coupe is what the pictures I've seen of it, show it to be! I'm wanting to put a Chevy 261 or a GMC 270 Six in it, just to be different from all the SBC rods out there. Plus, the Sixes may not win drag races, but they sound so friggin' cool with headers and 2-into-1 exhausts with Smithy's and big resonators! I've got a Mopar 8-3/4" rear to go under it, plus I think I've got a front disc brake conversion lined up for it, as well! I have a cool set of '64 Olds 442 red bucket seats for it, some S-W gauges I've had laying around, a pair of 15"x6" TT-D wheels and a pair or 15"x7" steelies for it, and stereo gear that has never been installed.

Or, I might just trade the car off on something else, who knows!!!