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Do to a complicated set of circumstances I had to back-pedal and purchase an older ride for my daily (and only) transportation.

Being one not to ride in just anything, I have started to rework this aged beauty into something worth its ownership.

I do have to tell you that I only paid $250. for what you see and it's fully loaded and everything works, which was an absolute surprize!!!! I will give you a final total investment when it's done.

I will try and take photos as I go thru each change and post them.

* Working on a monochromatic Bright White exterior theme. I need to
find Beretta 'Z04' / 'Z26' front & rear bumper covers (fascias) w/ ground
effects look that the base Corsica doesn't have.
* Interior is currently the stock Maroon fabric to be changed / modified!
* Added original 7-spoke beretta wheel covers with whited out spokes &
centers (for the cheap).
* Found & installed rear spoiler from late model Pontiac Bonneville. Fits fine
except the ends curve forward instead of being straight to a bodyline. But
you tell me what you think when I post the pics.
* Have 'Hood Vents' form a Z34 Lumina that will be installed next. I will do a
photo journal on the installation with any necessary dimensions. When
that installation is complete, I will be able to work on a graphic paint
scheme working with these added elements as guides.
* Have a Beretta Z26 'Full Gauge Cluster' on its way and I have found a
source for a new, custom cluster face overlay and new cluster bezel.
* In addition, I have added a BMW leather shift boot and new shift knob
(Had to relocate the cigarette lighter, so I still had a power source!).
The shift knob has a 'On-Off' switch, which is supposed to be used to
shift into overdrive in other vehicles, however, I am using it as a control
switch for my (TBA-to be added) driving lights, so the control will be right
under my thumb while I drive. Don't we all rest our hand on the shifter???
* Next comes the installation of an '02 Overhead Console from a Crown Vic
resprayed to match the interior trim. Has compass, clock, drop-down
storage & individual driver / passenger lights plus a center light at rear to
replace the original, which had the lens cover but no guts.
* And to finish the interior, for the time being, I'm recovering the velour
fabric interior seating with a leather-like material in Black & Maroon along
with spraying parts of the door panels in black to work with the overall
interior theme.
Finally, dark window tinting will need to be done. I have already done the
black-out on the front & rear door edges and the "B" pillar, so the dark
horizontal flow won't be broken by the former white door pillars.

Again, my goal is to document and post pics of the processes, in case it may be of interest to anyone else considering similar changes to this type of vehicle. Sorry, but I had already mounted the spoiler before I started this idea.

Also, any ideas, sources or comments you may have are always welcomed and appreciated!!! I hope this will be a fun & rewarding undertaking for 'little cash' but alot of sweat & creativity