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Ok so a long time ago I posted my situation...then lost my password and deleted my email so I could not get my password recovered... any way.

I want to thank everyone for the encouragement when I was down. but I got great news. To start with, It took me a long time but came to the conclusion that the T-bird was a POS.Not saying they all are but mine was junk. I ended up selling back to the original owner after the engine and trans dropped on it. He picked it up for 5oo bucks.. I feel bad for him. Now I got a second truck. Its better then the T-bird macanicly and its better then the truck I had right after the T-bird was gone. Ill have pics and stuff up soon

I started praying that things would get better. and guess what... they did. I prayed that I would be happy and Guess what... I am.

Things started getting better and then my wife and I started talking again and decided to try and fix things with us. And OMG I have never been happier. It ended up that it took us both losing everything to figure out what we had.

And it also turns out that my friends were not there for me the way I thought they were. Most my friends were just making life harder for me.

SO, bottom line.

I got everything I wanted back... got ride of what can be replaced... and found out who my real friends are.

Thank you all for the comments and encouraging words..just wish I would have gotten it all sooner.... but better late then never.

you all rock..