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It’s begun hitting the magazines...

...we’re officially big in Japan!

Resilience was shot in Sacto, and grabbed six pages in the kick-ass Japanese title Cruisin’ Magazine! We are flat-out stoked, and the response to the car overseas has been nothing short of amazing. I’m absolutely floored by it, and still can’t get over how incredible Tim’s work is on the car. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, we had a great team in the shop with Tim, Shawn and Dave, and I honestly could never ask for a better car owner team than Erik and Paul Hansen. Simply an amazing experience and time, and be sure to scrape up a copy on the Cruisin’ Magazine site, or from the good folks at Mooneyes!

…and as if that weren’t cool enough, Resilience returns to Rod and Custom this month in finished form!

We were stoked when the rendering was a part of the “Dream Car of the Month” column at the start of the year, and we get to follow that with Mike Chase’s fabulous studio shots of the mighty Buick, along with Tim B.’s great feature editorial. I was floored when I read the piece, and extremely thankful to Erik, Paul, Tim and Carrie for including my name in the article as they did… It was a pleasure just to be a part of it all.

Two guys who were left from the article (however it happened), but without whom this car would have never made the Pomona debut are Dave Neal and Shawn Ray, two remarkably talented builders and dedicated friends. These guys busted their behinds to make it all come together, sacrificing weekends, nights, comfort and time with family to see it through, and were an integral part of the fun and success of the big copper barge. Thanks, guys… amazing work.

And thanks, as always, to the staff at Rod and Custom Magazine for the coverage and support!