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Hello, I have a two post, four arm lift, intended for the average home owners low ceiling garage. It only requires 8' (89') of ceiling height. It's totally portable if you need the space and it only takes maybe 10 minutes to store it or move the lift to a different location. The post base has dolly wheels so it's easy to move. This is a patented lift so it's the only one on the market. It's great for just cleaning the underside of your car, maintenance (oil changes ect) transmission removal, brake and suspension work, wheel and tire changing ect..... I even placed a sheet of plywood on the arms as a work bench for welding, working on lawn mowers, ect...

It's just like what automotive repair shops use, but this is just a smaller version for a home garage. I will sell it for $1,989 + shipping.

I'm not a employee or a salesman for this company and only need one so, I'm selling this one.

You'll ask yourself, "how did I go without it". It's a fantastic lift everyone.

For more information and photo's, please email me and I can also give you my phone number.

Thank you,