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Progression towards getting the Gal back running I decided to spend a couple hours getting things tightened down and reconnected under the car last night.

Jacked the Gal up about 3 ft off the ground on a set of sturdy stands and set about reversing the disconnect order. Got the X mem torqued down right, the tailshaft mount bolts in. Speedo connected and the cooler lines tight. Spent some time trying to remember how all the linkages for the tranny and such connected up, had parts in a bag I didn't recall removing LOL

Pulled out the laptop and firedup the digital version of the shop manuals which allowed me to see how everything connected just right. My buddy Jeff and I figured out the plate that attaches to the black and the shift linkage from the steering box. Everything snapped together just fine.

Got the engine bolts torqued right and lastly the fuel line connected with a new piece of hose. Some items that are still stumping me is the vacuum line coming from the rear of the tranny running up to the top of the engine near the linkages. But I have not started on the top of the engine yet, so I'll deal with that once I lower the car back down and can reach the top of the engine.

Have yet to put the driveshaft back in under the car, as well as hook up the linkages, vacuum lines and carbs on top, radiator, fan, belts and electricals at the front and sides. Then comes the fluids and possibly a chance to fire her up again.