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Happy New Year To Motortopia Members!!!!!

I have had a ton of emails asking how things are going, well I AM ALIVE!!!! LOL

Truly, I am so glad 08' is over.

Things to ponder!

On Father's Day, we had a wonderful day at the movies with my parents and it was time to head home.

My husband and myself and grandson were heading home from Nebraska City, NE to Lincoln, NE on hwy 2. heading west. Our speed was about 70 (limit is 65) until we saw a squad car by Unidilla, Ne. ..then we slowed down to 65. My husband usually wears his seat belt, but didn't have it on for some reason, but seeing the cop, he hurried to put it on.

Not 5 minutes had passed when we saw an old car sitting at a stop sign on a country road. From the opposite lane we thought he was waiting for traffic to pass to go across the four lanes.
Two cars were ahead of us and one behind. It was a matter of seconds and we saw the old car try to dart through the cars, 4 lanes of traffic to get to the other side.
He missed the two cars ahead of us and we could do nothing but try not to turn into traffic or hurt the people behind us. We turned the car to curb inpact and thats all I remember.

It was hard to breath, smoke in the car from air bags, broken glass every where. We woke up, and all we could think of was to check to make grandson was ok. I hit my head on the windshield and my husband had the inprint of the steering wheel. My first instinct was to call my parents! Why I don't know! People started running up to us and we looked for the other car and he was over 200ft from us! They said we spun around a couple of times and stopped heading the other direction. An old man came running up to the car very upset. I could see blood on his leg and he just kept saying" I am sorry, I am so sorry, please forgive me, I thought I had enough time, please forgive me." He checked to make sure we were all ok, and yes the grandson was doing great. I opened the back door and told the old man to sit down as several people called 911 for us. THANKS TO THE UNIDILLA VOLUNTEER RESCUE TEAM!!!
Ok, as you may have read last year, my blood pressure was bad, but I did have it under control until this little
A couple of days in the hospital, lots of trips to the chiro-dude.

We found out the man that hit us was 81 and he was going to visit family that just moved here. He ended up with a broken leg.
We never talked to him, but we drove by his quaint little house in a very small town and hoped he was ok.
The mail poured into our mail box from Attornies, I mean our box was over flowing.

Now don't get me wrong, I think old people should NOT drive!! thus I will win the lottery and have a limo driver for when I am

Oh my gosh, we could have sued him for everthing he has, make him pay for putting my families life in danger. Wrecking our 1999 Ford Taurus that had 165,000 miles with new tires, new rims and serviced every 3 months of its life with no rust or dings! We were so mad, hurt angry.....our lives were changed from this day forward. But we were alive, all limbs and minor injuries.
We could not sue. His insurance paid everything, had to haggle on the car because it was totalled and old. But we got another used car, another saved our life! And we even got a good settlement. Could we have gotten more, yeah and would have had to given 1/3 to the attorney.............