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OK...No more HELP!!!!!! needed for the rod clips that attach the rod from the door handle latch to the door mechanism.

Rodders...There's a New Kid in Town when it comes to getting parts for classics...

Forever Classic Restoration.

They handle classic cars (Ford, GM) and have connections for much needed parts.
NOTE: They MAY NOT be able to get EVERYTHING. I'm not saying that here.

Just call (336) 283-9469

They JUST started this business a few months back and would love to have your business. They DO ship.

OK...more updates on the Orangey FRANKENHAWK...

I apparently did something wrong, when refurbishing the 'transmission' (arms on the Windshield Wiper assy).
When I tested the wipers, they were wiping my HOOD instead? Hmmmmm...this ain't normal?!
Got to look at my Body by Fisher Books again!

Sanderson Headers is custom bending a set of headers for this car. "Jay", who I enjoy talking design with, is bending them and sending them to me just TACK WELDED, to see if they'd fit.

If anyone of you reading this has a Buick 300cid in an "H" body, get ready for a set of headers that will fit.
See: Sanderson Headers for their BSV8.

It may interest you to know that this bolt pattern is available on a multitude of engines. (215, 300, 340 GM) and unsure of the cid for Range Rover V-8, but they to have a "Buick" style exhaust bolt pattern.

Some more updated photos of FRANKENHAWK will be posted tomorrow. I have to put in the hatch glass now!