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well they have the glass and tint back int he car and the rest of the dash is still waiting for parts.

not happy with the workmenship on the dash it was all pitted up and orange peeld and to top it off it was scratched up to boot.

she looked at me and was really happy about it being done. and says WHAT DO YA THINK?

i asked should i lie or tell the truth.

she asked for the truth so i told her what i saw wrong with it. SO here we go again. i have to have it redone. they said that would take another day or two. they farmed it out so it was not the shop i was dealing with but they were not happy with the work either after thier body man looked at it after i said what i did he noticed more flaws then i did.

he even said he wished he would have seen it before this so he could have refused it.