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well in the last few weeks it feels like my poor monte is falling apart on me. but things are starting to look up.

first off i've lost my overdrive gear, and its starting to slip in just drive as well. i got a cousin hunting around for a low mileage or rebuilt tranny for me. (i hope he finds me an HD)

second is i've got a really bad lifter noise. it's to the point where my car will misfire under power. so i'm babying my car everywhere i go. i got a set of lifters (all 12) for 10 bucks a piece on their way from Kelowna BC. A guy at work had a connection up there.

i hate unexpected expenses BUT at least when i'm done i'll know my drivetrain should be good for another 100000km.

The thing that sucks is i won't have the money to put in my eibach springs and kyb struts until these repairs are done. but at least i have the parts :D

thats all for now.