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I pulled the old lexan windshield, the front clip, and I have the new windshield (lexan) ready to be drilled and screwed into the car. I pulled the radiator support, plastic media blasted it, and painted it gloss black. I have a modified pair of spindles that had to have a tab tig welded to it once the factory brake ears were cut off, painted gloss black, and ready to be mounted in the car for the Aerospace Components front disc brakes I ordered. These are nice pieces but wish they were a little more user friendly like without the major spindle mod and tig welding. Have the new upper ball joint just need to compress the MOROSO trick springs to change it out along with the spindles.
The NEW Dart Little M block is on the stand and I checked rod to block clearances since I am using 6" aluminum rods. Ready to go to the machine shop!!! The NEW 1095 King Demon RS is here and the Brodix Heads and Bowtie intake have been massaged heavily and flowed. I also have a few custom additives to the intake like a Brodix BB Chevy Turtle installed in the floor of the intake. Really helped the flow numbers for the intake and heads both. We are using a custom grind Lunati 4-7 swap solid roller cam with @ .684 lift and a lot of duration. I can't wait to get it all done so I can hear it and get it tuned in on the chassis dyno.
My job changed my schedule this week so I lost one of the three days a week I had to devote my time to getting the car done. My progress may slow down a little but I will keep everyone posted as I get the chance. I still have a lot of work to do.