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Just wanted to give an update on an earlier post in reference to the vendors we are buying parts from to rebuild the Golden Girl. PST made good on the parts that weren't exactly right so we were very pleased with them. Year One continues to have what we need but the shipping cost is outrageous. Guess the deal is we should wait to buy stuff at car shows but this is our "winter" project meaning we can't get to any shows right now. Jack's Mopar provided everything we ordered with no issues at all.

Reserved our rooms for the Mopar Nationals. The hotels won't let you make reservations for the Nats until January (the show is in July) and the rooms get booked immediately. Luckily we have gone to the same hotel for several years so they let us know the date they will open the reservations for the Brice Road spectacular so we can be assured of a reservation.

Looked at the exhaust in hopes of being able to fix the issue with the chrome tippies. They are sticking out way too far. Previous owner welded them like mad so not sure how we'll address that. Darling hubby is still thinking on that.

We've only run about 3/4 tank of gas through the motor but he changed the oil anyway and found some floaties from rebuild break in. We'll change it again in a few hundred miles and hopefully that will be before Spring! More snow in the forecast. :-(