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Been gone wayyy too long! I completely dismantled the undercarriage on my 77 Trans Am in July of 2008 and have been doing an on / off again under body restoration since. I wasn't planning on rebuilding the engine but once I pulled the oil pan, I saw a scuffed cylinder which led to a binding wrist pin, which led to a .030 bore and complete overhaul. And around $1500 extra dollars I wasn't planning on!! lol! (I did most of the rebuild work myself thankfully, otherwise would have been much more).

I just got the engine and transmission back in this weekend and will hopefully have her cranked in the next couple weeks. I only have one full day a week to work on her so it takes me a while to get everything done ... as you can tell. ;)

Once the engine is started and everything is ok there, I can put the fenders and front end back on. Timeframe .... probably another month out total. I did want to give an update. I took tons of detailed photos of the process so hopefully I can post some of those here once I wind down the project. I miss driving her and now that it is getting close, I miss it that much more!

Have a great week everyone!