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Well after working on the car all this time I thought it was about time to sit down and determine where I'm going with my upgrade path.

I wanted my main focus to be on getting the car's WHP in the range that I set as my goal - 350whp. With that kind of power I could definitely turn some heads, and with the upgrades I plan on, more power is definitely an option.

At any rate, my goal is to get the car to that step first, then make her look pretty so that shows are in the future and sponsorships may then be realized. A few NOPI events should definitely get it some recognition as well.

But anyway, here goes!
. Install shorty shifter
. Forged engine internals [$1300]
. Helmet (for me!) [$200]
. Drag tires [$200]
. Install ceramic-coated Pacesetter header [$200]
. Patriot Stage 2 Head with Upgraded Valvetrain [$1200]
. Stage 3 clutch w/ lightened flywheel [$700]
. 2.5" downpipe, catless, with exhaust cutout [$200]
. Upgraded transmission [$?]
. Limited Slip Differential [$1200]
. Upgraded axles [$?]
. Adjustable coilover suspension [$1200]
. Ram air hood (fiberglass) [$500]
. Carbon fiber trunk (painted to match) [$400]
. Racing seats with harness(es) [$500]
. 10000k HID kit [$150]
. Projector beam / angel eye headlights [$?]
. LED taillights [$50]
. Vinyl cover tails [$20]
. CF cover mirrors, or paint to match [$10-25]
. In-dash DVD with GPS navigation [$800]
. Custom gauge faces [$80]
. Upgrade factory speakers [$150]
. Sport pedals [$60]
. Interior highlighting [$100]
. Exterior showlighting [$200]
. Factory lighting modification [$?]

TOTAL ESTIMATED COST: $9435 + transmission, axles, headlight modification, factory lighting modification

I figure this can all be done easily by summer 2009, and am definitely looking forward to the finished product. After all this has been realized, and I get my hands on another daily driver, the car will be fitted for full drag racing - roll cage, no interior, lexan windows, etc.