Filed under: 1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo (1 BAD SS)

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I put a sump in the stock tank(until I get a cell), Ran an-8 into a stainless filter. Then ran it to a aeromotive SS electric fuel pump. Then another filter, more an-8 stainless braid into a Aeromotive SS series regulator. The fuel system is FAR, FAR, superior to the mech pump and stock lines I was running before. The fuel delivery system is solid, but I found all my other problems. The mighty demon 825 cfm leans out like a bitch on the top-end. Anything over 4500 rpms in cold weather and it acts like it is hitting the rev limiter. Also, when hitting it from idle, the car falls on its face with a wicked lean bog. Some jets, squirters and tuning are in order. I have ordered new jets & squirters. I will try to get an entry up when I get em in. I'm also workin' on some wholeshot videos. I'll try to get em up soon.