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Well, I have finally found a good deal on an Eaton M112 supercharger. This particular model is from a Jaguar. It will require a lot of custom modifications to get it to work, but it's nothing that I'm not ready for.

I have not yet actually sent the money for this, but as soon as I get my tax return (any day now) I will be sending the money out for it. I can only hope that the seller hasn't decided to sell it out from under me. It didn't sound like he would do that, so I'm optomistic that it will be there still when I'm sending the money.

One thing that I'm going to do for sure is to open up the inlet to match the Magnum Powers MPx style opening. This greatly increases the efficiency of the supercharger at higher rpm. It allows the rotors to fill more completely with air which is required if you want to make more power. I know of a couple of these already on Super Coupes out there and they are making impressive numbers. Especially torque numbers...

This project will likely be a long one, not getting finished until sometime next year. I've got a few other things to do as well, like rebuild the shortblock, install a decent cam, get my large valve heads on there, etc. I think I may put this on my current engine while building another for serious power. I just can't see doing a lot of work and then letting it sit for who knows how long until I get my performance engine built.

This has altered my plans for wheels slightly though. Instead of purchasing them now, I'm going to wait until later in the spring or summer before buying those. I just hope I can keep my wife happy enough to let me get this stuff for my car!