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United States Muscle Car Federation Nationals to be Held October 20, 2007 in Williamsport, MD

Winchester, VA: The United States Muscle Car federation based in Winchester, VA is pleased to announce the inaugural USMCF Nationals event to be held October 20, 2007 in Williamsport, MD. This is an all new event and one that is sure to be exciting for everyone. In order to take the USMCF to the next level, we are initiating the USMCF National Awards program. This new awards program is based on participation in the USMCF Nationals to be held annually in October. During this event, participants who pay the required entry fee will have their automobile judged using the USMCF approved 1000 point judging system. In this event cars will be competing against the judging sheet and not other cars in classes.
National Awards
In the first year of participation, participants can earn their Junior National Award with a total score of 950 or better. In year two, Junior award winners will compete for a Senior National award and can achieve that honor with a score of 965 or better.
Grand Nationals
After achieving a Senior National award participants are then eligible to enter into the Grand National awards program. In this competition participants will compete for the title of USMCF Grand National Award winner. In the first year of eligibility the Grand National award is up for grabs and participants must score a minimum score of 975 to be awarded the honor of Grand National winner. Once a participant has been awarded their Grand National title, that participant is then eligible to participate in the Senior Grand National program. The Senior Grand National is the highest honor to be awarded by the USMCF. The Senior Grand National award can only be achieved with a score of 990 or better.
Under the current plan only one National event will be scheduled per year however that is subject to be changed as the program grows.
Those wishing to participate in the USMCF Nationals this year MUST pre-register by mail postmarked on or before September 1, 2007. Cost for the USMCF Nationals is $25. Location: Williamsport Redman’s Club Williamsport, MD. The USMCF Nationals is open to the public. For more information please contact Tom Ward 540 664 9273