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So browseing around on YouTube and such for various video's of Mopars or Roadrunners just to see whats out there, got me to thinking I'll do one as well. I have a few long distance friends that wanted to see the car and while Pictures are pretty, a Video can be so much more, the ability to get a sense of size and surroundings but most importantly the SOUND that a great muscle car makes!!

So I pulled out my el-cheapo Aiptek HD camcorder and shot a little vid of my Blue beast idling in the driveway. I noticed that when I have the cam set at the max vid quality and framerate it tends to suffer some stability issues, I've noted that and will change the frame rate for future vids.

My wife reluctantly provided the engine revving for me and well I hope it doesn't cause some NWS thoughts hahaha

Enjoy everyone. The next production will be my friends '65 Cuda walk around!!