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Last weekend we installed chain link fence and gates my female german shepherd (Riley) has the entire back yard to herself... That took 2 days. Was a great weekend, warm, nice, and I got burned. Neither of the cars got started. But beside the fence my new patio door got installed and I also rolled the yard - all 3 acres of it. Monday was spent either working or moving the last remaining items from the old house. Never so glad to be out of a house. Anyways, I got to start my car! The Lemans sat outside all winter under a cover, never touched. Hooked up the battery booster thing he has. I thought he said ok (he mumbles alot) that was not what he said. I started it. OLD battery and first try the car started. The Chevelle has to be tried at least 3 times even in hot weather, not mine. Well, that got what was an itch to be a rash. I want my car done. I want to drive it. Got to turn the car around and drive it into the garage. Wonder does that mean we will be working on it again soon? My husband thinking he was being funny came home for lunch on Wednesday with his buddy, he started my car 3 times while I stood there. Russ said that was the look of death.

We have a lead on the seats and the windows. I could careless about the body at the moment. I want to fix the brakes and drive it.

This weekend there is a car show in Daleville - 8 miles or so from my house. I wanted to take the Chevelle and my Tahoe. No. They are calling for rain and snow. So we are building a dog house. The plans I have drawn up are so cool. Will have a removable wind wall and the top will be on hinges. Actually big enough that 4 german shepherds could fit in it. I made the bed today. Yes, I sew. It is red with black paw prints and filled with fiber fill and cedar chips. Ok so I am more nuts about my dogs than my car. When the car is done, they get to go on rides in it. I thought about naming the Lemans the Zoomobile, the dogs like to ride all 4 of them (only the 2 shepherds are mine the other 2 are his) and out of 4 cats, 1 loves to ride. Even the bunny likes to go.

Lastly, he came home tonight and told me that Aug. whatever date Bristol race is he is going. YEAH! I have a whole weekend to do whatever my son and I want to do...