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I've been racing cars now for 6+ years and up till lately have been very lucky not to break anything. Well this weekend I had a race and the car performed flawless as it normally does. They made me race a 89 Mustang GT in round one. I almost felt bad for the guy driving it. That race went great and it was like she was on rails. Then came round two. I was lined up with the same 78 Camaro that beat me on the 4th of July weekend and took home the overall win this time. It didn't go to my favor but I still did hold my own. Well after the race I was feeling pretty pumped and figured I would put on a little show for the crowd. So I stopped on the back straight and started burning the tires. She was fully locked in the rear and I figured why not spin it around just for fun. As soon that thought entered my mine a cut the wheel and quickly remembered why you shouldn't do that with drag radials on the back. The weight shifted and all I heard was bang. Now my rear end sounds like metal in a blender and it hops and skips around turns. I haven't had the chance to pull the cover off yet but I believe I broke the spider gears. The only plus side to this is that now I can replace the weakest link that was back there. If it is the spider gears then I will be replacing the carrier with a True-Trac posi unit. I will post pictures and more info as I tear it a part.