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My name is Keith and this is my Corvette page.

I've been around the Corvette hobby my entire life. My father purchased a new 1966 convertible Corvette two years before I was born. I grew up in the passenger seat, going to cruises and shows.

The '66 became mine in 1993. I had to pull it out of a barn where is was stored for nearly 8 years.

In 1995 I launched my first Corvette web site - dedicated to my 1966 Corvette.

In 1996 I built, the internet's first Corvette-only classified ads website. Since then, we've had nearly 10,000 Corvettes pass through our system.

In 2005, I started to talk about Corvettes and the people that love them.

I own two Corvettes, the 1966 Convertible and a 1979 Coupe