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My first blog post is gonna be a doozy...

...last night at the street races, Tuesday Jan. 26 2011, I got tagged and pulled over. Got a ticket for doing 106 mph in a posted 60 zone on I-40. Thing is, i wasnt actually going over 70, thats just what the cop told me. Two of my friends were racing past me around a turn and somehow i got tagged goin that fast. Now, i coulda got away from the cruiser...if it wasnt the new Interceptor Charger.

So, now i gotta wait to be notified when my mandatory court date will be but lucky for me, i had someone else in the car to be a witness and about 10 other cars full of people.

Should i fight the ticket? Probably not, because St. Louis County has some tough cops and a tougher court. I wouldnt win...i just hope i dont get locked up because i was wrongly accused and blamed for someone elses wrecklessness.