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I'm happy to have made some progress today on my Super Coupe. Not sure if I had blogged about it yet, but I sent the bolts for my alternator off to the chrome shop to make my alternator jump out just a tad more. They came back a couple bolts short. After a search, the bolts were not located. Unfortunately one of the bolts was the main mounting bolt that runs through the accessory bracket, through the alternator back to the accessory bracket where it screws in. No big deal, right? Apart from the fact that it took me some time to locate my spare one (believe it or not I did have one) and that it's not chromed, it wasn't too big of a deal. So today, I finished up installing the alternator, re-installing the coil, plug wires and belts. I wish I had a better place to store my car because there's quite a bit of surface rust on all the pullies now that it has set as long as it has. Now to my "to-do" list...

It got shorter because I got that stuff done. But I also received my M112 this week. So now my list is that much longer. My list now includes:

To drive my SC:
o Replace #1 spark plug
o Replace O2 sensors
o Re-install intercooler
o Re-install supercharger top and upper intercooler tube
o Replace two wire failing grounding connector and one for my intercooler fan switch
o Re-install DIS module with custom heat sink
o Purchase and install new battery...Optima type
o Replace brake accumulator
o Mount and balance new tires

Things that I need to get done soon:
o Install Mark VIII spindles and brakes
o Install transmission valve body-flush transmission fluid
o Install the rest of the front suspension, lower control arms, upper control arms, tie rod end links, sway bar end links, rack and pinion...etc

New things added to my list now that I've got the M112:
o Modify M112, inlet plenum, intake plenum, lower intake manifold and fuel rail to make M112 fit
o Purchase 60 lb injectors
o Purchase 75mm throttle body (currently have a 70mm)
o Purchase OD jackshaft pulley
o Purchase intercooler core (going to build a new front mount IC)
o Purchase aluminum tubing for IC piping
o Purchase quick change pulley set for M112
o Purchase battery relocation kit
o Purchase larger radiator (with front mount IC, I'll have room for a much larger one)
o Purchase additional IC fan for use with front mount IC
o Purchase air dam to funnel air into lower bumper cover (flow over IC core)
o Possibly purchase BBK valve covers-for use with front mount IC. Routing of IC pipes will be different, requiring use of n/a 3.8 valve covers
o Purchase cam and valve springs (and hardware) to take advantage of M112
o Install all of the above mentioned items

Then there's always the want to have items on the list:
o Purchase new wheels
o Purchase tires to go on the new wheels
o Plan for a custom paint job as soon as next winter
o Replace exterior trim as part of paint job

So the list got shorter, if only for a moment before it got longer again. I have the opportunity to finally get some nice wheels for the car, but I also have this M112 now too. There's a lot I need to purchase for that as well and could put money towards making it work...or get wheels. I'm torn because I've started the M112 project officially now, but have the opportunity (and permission) to finally purchase some nice wheels for my ride. I may bite the bullet and get the wheels, then work feverishly on the M112. Money is the big set-back at this point. It costs money to go fast. Unfortunately it's getting harder to come by lately....

Man I got to get some TDY for work...