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Some times your words can come back to bite you. 1fast_mazda found that out, and apparently he doesn't like it. I, along with at least half a dozen members that I know of, complained to Motortopia about his abusive, vulgar comments on challenges against his friend's cars. Motortopia revoked his comment privilege, and he seems to believe I did it myself. Now, we all know that no member can pull another member's right to make a comment on a challenge - only Motortopia itself can do that. You can block incoming messages from individual members, but that's the extent of it. That seems to have escaped 1fast_mazda's notics, because, according to him, I somehow managed to do it all on my own! Now he's resorted to issuing personal threats! I have to wonder about this guy. Here's a "Cut-And-Paste" of a message he sent me yesterday. I took the liberty of "Bleeping" one word because this is supposed to be a family-friendly website. All I can tell you is that what he wrote is a crude reference to a part of the male anatomy...

keep blocking me you crippled p****, next time i will run you and your wheel chair over in my yoder. hope you fall down the stairs.... good luck have a nice day

Now, I don't know where he got the idea that I'm in a wheelchair; judging by his picture, I'm in better shape than he is! Also, can someone please explain to me just what a "yoder" is??? I'm assuming it's some sort of car by the way he uses the word (Toyota?). Whatever the case, it sounds to me like a threat, which is a felony in all 50 states. Motortopia knows his address, so if they agree that this IS a threat, I'm sure his hometown Police will be notified.