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So I’m driving down the road the other day and this Chrysler 300C (Hemi of course) with a Bentley Grill & those huge 22” DUB wheels starts playing games with me.

Now I wasn’t looking for trouble or intending to incite a confrontation. But when we turned onto a larger three lane road the guy cut in front of me just as I was trying to pass. No biggie – I wasn’t in that much of a hurry anyway.

But when he passed the slower traffic to his credit he pulled over into the right lane and rolled down his window. As I inched up along side doing maybe 65 or 70 – I glance over at the gentlemen (loose term BTW) driving is smiling at me with a huge gold tooth grin & starts giving some not so friendly gestures along with the old Looser sign on his forehead while he & his buddies where all laughing.

Not taking it the lease bit personally – I grinned & down shifted from 4th down into 3rd and floored it!

Fast forward – now had I been serious I could’ve left’em in the dust, but I reigned in back down to the posted speed limit that had dropped to 55mph as we approached the city Now I saw a light that I’m sure I could’ve made changing to red and the car load of dorks pulls up next to me & rolls down his window. Expecting some smack talk – but not surprisingly nobody is laughing anymore.

That’s when a barrage of comments & questions came – like “what the heck is that?” & “Man for a car that looks totally stock – that thing is quick?” And “Dude! That thing is so freaking cool” But the best comment was “what do you have in that thing?... A Roush Supercharger?”

Anyway I was gracious and tried not to sound too boastful in answered their questions and when the light changed I did a little burnout for them.

While I wouldn’t exactly call it a Bullitt kill (i.e. we weren’t racing) I made another believer in those Stealthy Highland Green Mustangs!