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The BMW is presenting a new series of sedans, the BMW 3 series. The wagon is fully redisigned, aligning with the new line that debuted last year, but the last year redesign only only applied to the 328i and the 335i sedan. The BMW series gets the same changes as it's sibbling: the coupe and the convertable are stilol unchanged. The new sedan is larger, but weigh less. The stering is electrically assisted for improving fuel efiecency, and it also gets a Driving Dynamics Control, wich alows the driver to chose one of 4 modes that alter through response, stering effort and shift patterns of the automatic transmision. Now, the coupe and convertable will maintein the traditional naturally aspirated inline-6 engine, the sedan and the wagon get a turbocharger 4-cylindar that produces more horsepower and achives 5 mpg more on the EPA combined driving cycle.

The 335i's turbocharger inline -6 is the same regardles of the style or generation. The new thing is also the BMW ActiveHybrid 3 sedan, who also debutes in 2013. It features a gasoline-electric powertrain to improve both economy and performance. The hybrid is only half-second quicker frm 0-60mph than it's turbo 4 sibling. The BMW 3 series will be available in sedan, coupe, hardtop convertable and wagon body style.

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