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Well, I'm making my check list and checking it twice to see what I need to get done before spring so I can enjoy by car to the fullest extent possible. Some things will have to wait until Spring as I have elected to suspend my insurance coverage on it (meaning it's "in storage" for the winter months). So now it has comp only on it just in case the neighbor's tree falls on it. So I'm waiting until March or so to re-activate the insurance on no driving until then. That said, here's my list:

o Install new alternator (currently waiting for chromed bolts)
o Install repaired IC and fan
o Install new O2 sensors
o Replace spark plug on cylinder #4 (there's a story behind it)
o Replace fuel filter
o Install Lentech valve body (Would really like a torque converter too, but we'll see)
o Install Mark VIII spindles and brakes (need to drive it to the shop for this one)
o Reinstall misc engine parts disassembled to replace alternator, spark plug, coil, etc
o Get tires mounted and balanced
o Get 4-wheel alignment (preferrably after Mark VIII spindle install)
o Replace rack and pinion
o Replace the rest of the front suspention besides the rack and spindles
o Install PIAA fog/driving lamps purchased over a year ago

I think that's about it as far as my "To-do" list for the SC. I've got a couple other things like replacing the tensioner springs and installing a better inlet plenum, but I'm not 100% sure I'll get that done. Sure would be nice though! Those two things could add as much as 25 hp at the wheels. That would be significant and could push me within striking distance of 300 at the wheels. That's very impressive considering I still have stock valved heads as well as the stock cam and bottom end. Underdrive pullies will help getting there too...There's always something, isn't there?