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Simple question. What would you do if you had a member here screwing with you?

This is the second time I have had a member here screw/stalk me. The first was _Oz_. I stop coming here last May.Because of the crap here. I only used the site to host pictures/albums. I guess it was August. I get a PM about a journal that was posted here. _Oz_ had posted a journal personally attacking me. I PMed Motortopia about it. It was deleted and so was _Oz_. I assume he had been banned for it.

Now I have Monte. He has been PMing other members here about me. Posting crap in my challenges. Apparently, he feels he has to save Motortopis from me. Before I take it Anyway, what you would do?

It just so happens, _Oz_ and Monte are both from North Carolina...hmmm

BTW Berettastuff does has a "pinned" topic about Motortopia since July 29th, 2006. It is hardly used., the HHR guys, and several others websites also has "pinned" topics about Motortopia as well. Nothing new. BUT Monte feels obligated tto let everyone know.