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Mystery solved, in a day where i am used to seeing bondo and fiberglass, i never thought to look for lead filled holes. We found the holes and were nicely filled in with lead. Old school, whod a thunk it?

This is a Trans AM, the VIN, cowl tag, and build sheet all match!

In the blogs i have been posting on the 17 day transformation, the Trans Am in question along with a 78 belonging to "kirk78400ta" dont have the wheel spoilers. I have seen the build sheet for the 1 belonging to "77TA'' and can verify it is a TA. So can anyone tell me why these cars dont have wheel spoilers? I thought that was part of the TA package.

Correction, the other Trans Am belonging to "kirk78400ta" has the holes for the spoilers. Sorry i didnt see them. Still questioning the 1 my friends are working on though.

More info, there is a RPO code of B97 with the designation of "RR WL Spoiler" on the build sheet.