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Well I spent last weekend putting 3 coats of Zaino on my car getting ready for my trip to the Chicago area...Made my first long trip in the TA to Speed Inc. open house. It was a blast seeing all the other F-bodys.

The day we were leaving the Chevy dealer had to change one of my cat's because I had a P0420 code set...It was under warranty so that was cool..

Some pic's from my Speed Inc. trip are in with my albums....

I might take some pictures tomorrow at the lake..have to catch up with some of you....I don't have a cool lighthouse around here in Central Illinois :-)

I do have a cool covered bridge, but it is 5 miles of gravel road to get there...hmmmm still might make the trip.

This was my first long trip with the car. I have a buddy who works at a dealers, so he gets most of my work that I can't do myself...So when I bough t my new tires, he did the balancing...

On the way to Chicago, got behind someone who was booking..well let's say hauling butt...I kept up with him for a while and the car drove it was 55 :-)...since my job depneds on my license...I backed it down to a reasonable speed..but man was it a nice drive..