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Friday could not have taken any longer but finally the clock said 5 and I could hit the road home then it was yet another waiting session for the fiancé to come home from work...... we jumped into the Hyundai and took on the road to Envied Customs.

Arrived at Envied Customs at about 19:30 and pulled the car into the garage, taking no kak Walter & Arnel started to strip the parts that wanted to come off.

And the wrapping started 1st was the hood the design chanced from the original plan but it looks so much better doing the whole hood and not just a part as it brings out so much detail.

Next was the roof and then it was the wing, after wrapping the roof Walt decided that my Bee sting looked crap and I had to agree so being the nice peeps Walter & Arnel are they popped on a VW Scirocco’s aerial, now that looks sick on my ride.

Wow Arnel really has a very very good eye for detail she makes 110% sure everything is PERFECT!!! We did not have time to do the side mirrors but will be doing it this weekend coming and if my cash allows it some more bits to be done. We left Envied Customs at about 00:15 and got back home just after 01:00. I just want to thank both Walter and Arnel for working till so late on getting my ride ready for the show and for doing such an awesome job. All I can say is wrapping is not as easy as peeps think.. well not to do a professional job.

More work to be done this weekend ;)