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Zymol products I purchaced - left to right Zymol Vinyl Conditioner, Zymol Vinyl Cleaner, Zymol Auto Wash, Zymol HD Cleanse. and Zymol Carbon wax in foreground.

I wanted to buy Zymol vinyl cleaner and conditioner as no other company makes specific (non-silicone) vinyl-care products anymore but then I decided to try some of their other products as well - Zymol Auto Wash, HD Cleanse Pre-Wax Cleaner, and Carbon Wax (for dark colors). After reading and being told these products feed the paint, have no petroleum distillates, no abrasives, and give amazing results, I was very interested.

The package arrived two days after I placed the order, and the result - after a couple of hours of detailing with these products, the Vega GT looks like it just got a $10k paint job (the factory lacquer paint is 40 years old). After comparing the first waxed fender to the unwaxed door - I've never seen such a difference, and my car was already preserved and shiny.
The HD Cleanse gave the paint a brilliant polished look, but the Carbon Wax afterwards really made the paint pop. This is not Zymol cleaner/wax found at Pep Boys. Zymol's higher line waxes are usually used on Ferarris and Porches - with the Carbon Wax (which is stored in the fridge after opening) the results outweigh the cost - you get what you pay for. You don't need to use much and the stuff smells great, same with the interior cleaner which gave the 40-year old vinyl interior a fresh as-new look.
After 10 years of detailing the car for more than 30 judged shows including a Concourse event and a MT article, after today it hasn't looked better. The results were beyond expectation.

Next up was the Cosworth Vega. I expected the same or even better results on the dark paint. The Mahogany Metallic paint doesn't pop like the Bright Orange, but I guess neither would any other color. It does look much shiner than it did from several coats of Meguiars polish/glaze applied since I bought the car in August. Just one application of Zymol HD Cleanse and Zymol Carbon Wax brought out the best of the 37 year-old lacquer paint, The photos (see album) were taken early evening under overcast -they don't quite capture the brilliance achieved. In person though the cars look ready for a concourse show or a museum display (I bet many museums use this stuff). Although preserved, these factory paint jobs are 37-40 years-old. I can only imagine how a new car or an expensive paint job would look after using these products. Both cars interiors were cleaned with the vinyl cleaner but the the vinyl conditioner was put on hold-- according to the directions, the vinyl seats need to be softened (warmed from the sun) before application.

Next up, was the Vega Panel Express, which has 10 year-old dual stage poly paint (w/clear). It worked equally well on the car's newer paint.
I'm also bought Zymol Detailer spray locally for show touch-ups. It should be interesting to see what kind of reaction the cars will get at this season's shows. They look so good some might even question their originality.
I would guess the $20. liquid Zymol Cleaner/Wax would give as good or better results as anything else, but moving up to their $49. wax product is an entirely different ballgame - it's in a class by itself. The wax is actually a zyme (def. - a ferment or enzyme), hence the fridge storage.

Do the pros like it?
"The pros definitely recommend Zymol car wax when used as a polish or wash/wax. It smells great, protects your paint and water will bubble on it. If you don't like to spend a lot of time waxing and cleaning your car, Zymol is easy to use and will give you satisfactory results. However, if you are planning to enter a car show, you may have amazing results when it's used with their other cleaning products. The reported results are a glossy fantastic shine with no hazing that is superior to other products. Most pros say that Zymol car wax leaves your car smooth and shiny with a wet look."

Zymol Retailer-
I made my purchase from Jonathan Bisset, a nice guy selling Zymol products 15 years and a "top rated plus" ebay seller.
One of his recommendations was a sheepskin mitt (not pictured above) for washing which I also purchased.from him. Shipping on the order was free!
Link to his Ebay store - Zymol section (60 items): http://stores...ub=2083289018
Link to Genuine Sheepskin Wash Mitt in his store http://www.eb...tem4147b38298

Zymol website-
All Zymol Paste waxes and Glazes are hand crafted from a carriage maker's formula developed in Germany. The original formula was derived from animal products. Todays Zymol products are almost entirely plant based ingredients.
Carbon Wax (dark coloured cars) http://www.zy...onwax8oz.aspx
Creame Wax (light coloured cars) http://www.zy...mewax8oz.aspx

Zymol Carbon Wax Reviews - 5 stars (18 ratings) including my review at the top