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1964 Chevrolet Corvair Monza


1964 Dodge 880

“64 dodge”

Photo of: 1964 Chevrolet Corvair
Photo of: 1964 Dodge 880

Head to Head


About “Goldylocks”

(DISCLAIMER: The Photo above and those in the car's album ARE NOT THE ACTUAL CAR I OWNED! They are pictures I found online of a remarkably similar car - so close that I think it may be the actual car, but I have no way of knowing for sure.)

In May of 1991, my then-wife up and left with no notice, taking the kids with her. It took me a month to learn where they were, but that didn't stop her from hitting me up for money. We had already agreed that I would be attending the Corvair Society of America National Convention that year in Washington, D.C. with our oldest daughter, Becky, since it would be a good educational trip for her as well as a bonding experience for her and me. I didn't want to go there in my Beretta if I could avoid it - I'd much rather go to a Corvair Covention in a CORVAIR! A good friend of mine who had a side business buying, selling, repairing, and restoring Corvairs knew of my situation and came up with an idea: He had just bought an original 1964 Monza sedan with just 30,000 original miles. It had been in storage for a decade, so it needed a bunch of TLC to make it a reliable, drivable car. He had a correct 1964 engine in his workshop that just needed a little freshening up, but it needed brakes all around. His idea was that I would buy the car from him for all of $1(!), do the mechanical work (with his coaching and his tools at his shop, learning as I go), and fully detail he car - my forte. I would have the car titled in my name and could use it however I pleased through the summer into the fall, after which I would sell it back to him for $1. He got cheap labor and a car that was all cleaned up to sell and I got a really nice car to go to the convention with my daughter in. At the convention, the car would have placed second in it's class in the show, except that it wasn't put in the class I expected it to be in. I wanted it to be in Factory Stock Unrestored, but the car had a GM Dealer-Installed burglar alarm on it that wasn't designed specifically for the Corvair, so it was classified as 'Street Stock'. We did a bunchbetter in the moving events: Top 1/3 overall in the Road Rally (Becky's first time as a Rally navigator), second in class in the Econo-Run, and second in class in the Autocross. The Corvair Club has what it calls the "Ed Cole Award" named after GM's past president who pushed the Corvair project into production (among other things, like the Chevy small block V8, etc...) for the participant who has the highest combined score in all events. Becky, the '64 Monza sedan, and I finished 8th of 24 entries in the Cole Award competition that year - Not too shabby for a first-time participant with a first-time navigator in the Rally and Econo-Run in a $1 car!

About “64 dodge”

Having miscalculated the level of appeal for its smaller and unconventionally styled 1962 Darts and Polaras, Dodge had to scramble to come up with something to keep traditional customers -- and nervous dealers -- happy. That led to the speedy creation of the 1962-1964 Dodge 880.

Created practically out of thin air in that short a time (3 months), the 1962-1964 Dodge 880 reached an increasing number of Mopar loyalists during its brief three-year life span. In 1964 only 7500 four door dodge 880’s were produced. Also in 1964 the front grill of the car got a facelift and the rear end was redesigned.

I am the 4th owner of this car. It has 60,000 original miles on it. I found this car on craigslist In april of 2010. The car had been sitting in a barn since 2006 and hadn't been driven. The car definitely needed some TLC but she appeared to be unmolested. I decided to hand over the money for her, and put it on a trailer and took her home.

I found an envelope in the glove box that has most of the original paperwork that came with the car, including the original bill of sale. The car was purchased new in Illinois in June of 1964 and sold for $2800.

I intend on leaving this car mostly stock. I had dual exhaust installed, I plan on putting on a set of wheels and tires, and I’m doing away with the original 2 barrel stock carburetor and upgrade to an edelbrock 600 cfm 4bbl.


Specs for “Goldylocks”

164 C.I.D. Horizontally-Opposed Air-Cooled6-Cylinder Engine
2-Speed Powerglide Automatic Transaxle
110 Horsepower
0-60: 13 seconds
1/4 Mile: 19 Seconds
Gas Mileage in the Econo-Run: 39MPG!

Specs for “64 dodge”

-361 big block
-727 torqueflite push button transmission


Factory Options for “Goldylocks”

110 Horsepower Super Turbo Air Engine
Powerglide Automatic Transaxle
AM Pushbutton Radio
Tinted Windshield
Dealer-Installed Burglar Alarm
Dealer-Installed Trailer Hitch

Factory Options for “64 dodge”

-power steering
-power brakes
-50th anniversary edition


Mods for “Goldylocks”

None whatsoever - The car was exactly as it left the showroom.

Mods for “64 dodge”

dual exhaust with thrush mufflers


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