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1976 Chevrolet Monza Spyder Hatchback

“Tazmanian Devil”

1989 Chevrolet Camaro rebel sport

“ford killer”

Photo of: 1976 Chevrolet Monza
Photo of: 1989 Chevrolet Camaro

Head to Head


About “Tazmanian Devil”

This was my third Monza I have owned and it has stayed with me for many years. I bought it off the land my aunt owned that had to be cleared of all the old cars that was left on it since my uncle passed away and due to her letting Hollywood shoot a movie using her house. Believe it or not it was the house used in the movie Too Wong Fu with Patrick Swayze, Wesley Snipes, Chichi Rodreguez. Anyway before the movie shoot I bought the car for a lousy $40 for a parts car. It had sat for well over 8 years before I bought it and was covered in tree sap etc... It looked rather rough. I got it home and was going to tear into it for parts when I brushed up against it and noticed it really had good white paint under all that crap. I washed it all up and had a friend come over to detail and buff it out and it was in great shape compared to the one that I had already twisted all up due to the rather healthy motor I had in it. Then it became my better street car and ran 12.97's out the gates. I will never part with it due to it's history. Now I have tubbed it all out and waiting on the body work to get finished. It should be a 8 or 9 second car once completed.

The pics shown here are when I first put it together with a lot less parts and only @ 400 HP. This was @ around the time Too Wong Fu was released from from the Movie Theaters. The car has been waiting on the body work to be completed for over three years now. I cannot rush him as he has won Best Body and Paint at one of the SEMA shows. It's in good hands !!! P.S. The 68 Mustang next my Tazmanian Devil was a buddies of mune that I helped work on. It had a 351 Cleveland in it with a 4-speed. Too bad he sold it for $2800 and I could have killed him.

About “ford killer”

I have a 1989 Chevy Rebel Sport Camaro i hall her the ford killer cus i havnt been up with a ford she couldnt wipe off the road She has a 1993 corvette LT-5 custome build engine trimec 6 spd manual trans with shift kit a custom geared rear end the gers 3 12 it will walk out of the hole if your not watching what ur doing i put acustom 6 way control system on ti meaning the engine trans and read arnt moving 1inch learn quick first time i got into it i ripped the car in half had to get a new body i origanily got her from a salvage yard she was real bad off but now she will kick some ford ass i wiped 3 429 scj's off the road last weekend so take that ford thats for all us chevy guys who are tired of ford knocking us like the south we will rise again


Specs for “Tazmanian Devil”

Engine -- 355 SB Dart Little M Block that had the decks o-ringed with 686 HP @ 7500 RPM and 531 TQ @ 6000 RPM to the flywheel. Comp Cams .630/.630 solid roller cam, Brodix (first generation) Track 1 heads with 2.08/1.6 hollow stem valves ported, polished, and flowed by FCR Performance at 287.6 cfm IN and 236.3 cfm EX @ .800 lift, Bowtie intake port matched to heads with a Brodix turtle in the plenium , 850 CFM Mighty Demon carb with annular discharge nozzles, Competition Products 1.550 Electro Polished Pro-Alloy valve springs and custom length .080 push rods, a lot of titanium valve train parts, Rocker Shafts, Comp Cams Dry Belt Drive, Crower lightweight Forged Steel crank, Manley Aluminum 6" rods with ARP L-19 Bolts, Milodon complete oiling system, SRP 12.7 to 1 Pistons with file fit rings. All fasteners are ARP studs or bolts.

Ignition -- All ignition is handled via MSD including the Digital 6 ignition box and HPV 1 coil. Wires are MSD 8.5 mm.

Note: There will also be a NOS Cheater system on board as well as I already have it.

Exhaust -- Rare set of Heddman Hustler 3 piece hedders with 1 3/4" primaries and 3" adjustable length collectors. These are no longer made by Heddman. I had them Jet Hot coated. I run them straight into Flow Tech 3" Warlock mufflers.

Trans -- Powerglide with a TCI Pro Tree transbrake, J.W. belhousing and tailshaft, and 5200-5800 TCI Convertor.

Chassis -- Chassis Engineering back half kit with a 12 point roll cage. Sub frame connectors were tied into the front sub frame similar to a full frame car. Stock front end with 5 lug rotors. PST polygraphite bushings.

Rearend -- 9" Ford with all Strange aluminum center section, 1350 Yoke, 5.28 Pro Gears, 35 spline spool, Daytona aluminum pinion support, Moser axles, and Wilwood rear disc brakes. Chassis Engineering ladder bars. I have a set of Art Morrison spring loaded wheelie bars for it too. The driveshaft is a custom aluminum 4" diameter unit.

Rear Tires -- 33" X 19.5" x 15" Micky Thompson Sportsman Pros for the street and 33" x 17" x 15" Goodyear slicks for racing on 15" x 14" Center Line Convo Pros

Front Tires -- 15" x 4" Convo Pros on 24" x 15" x 4" skinnies. Waiting on getting the Wilwood front disc brake conversions until the car is back from the body shop.

Interior -- Custom sheet metal and aluminum floors, RCI red seats with custom Grey cloth seat covers. RCI 5pt harnesses, Interior will be handled in black or grey carpet ( Not there yet) and a custom dash with all Auto Meter gauges. It will have all the safety items for drag racing. Grey ribbon window net. The cage has been painted Pearl Black Cherry but may be changed to Ice Silver.

Exterior -- This will include many body mods like recessed door handles out of a newer Chrysler, hatch tilting to the passenger side, all original glass, custom hood scoop, and all original metal panels with the exception of new rear quarters and a little modifying to the wheel well openings and lip to fit the BIG tires under the car. Paint is to be Chrysler Pearl Black Cherry with custom graphics. All body work is being done at Basik Street Rods and Muscle Cars in Santa Rosa, CA by my brother so some things are even a surprise to me. It will retain a factory rear spoiler. The rear bumper is fiberglass but all remaining panels are factory. We decided to keep the factory glass in it too.

Fuel System -- is all handled with a Magna Fuel Prostar 500 system, regulators, and all hoses are braided with AN fittings. Car has an 8 gallon RCI cell under the rear aluminum bead rolled floor.

Cooling -- handled by a Griffin aluminum radiator 26" x 19" and dual Subaru electric fans. The water pump is a CSI electric pump.

Electrical is handled with two Optima batteries located under the aluminum floor in the hatch. All fuse panels are custom made and use the ATO fuses.

Estimated to run in the mid to low 9's off the spray and very high 8's using a NOS Cheater system. As a factory bodied car it only weighs 2505 without me in it. If I would have kept the fiberglass parts on it it would have weighed around 2250 -2300 lbs. Most of the weight on these cars is in the hatch and doors.

Specs for “ford killer”

custome built LT-5 engine trimec 6 spd trans with shift kit custom geared read 3 12 gers the housing is out of a 77 trans am I have over $25,000 in it


Factory Options for “Tazmanian Devil”

This was originally a 4 cyclinder car with a metric 200 automatic trans. Not much there but it was a starting point. 13" wheels and a puny 7.5" ring geared 10 bolt rearend with 2.42 gears. The interior had a floor shifter and bucket seats.

Factory Options for “ford killer”

not much 2.8 v-6 trimec 5 spd 2 13 rear nothing special


Mods for “Tazmanian Devil”

So many mods since I started but it is now intended for show. This car is still in work at the body shop. I bought all fiberglass body parts for it but once I bought a new chassis (chrome moly) I decided to put all original body parts back this the car.

This car has had two or three different motors in it since I bought it. All being 350 SB Chevies.

Mods for “ford killer”

just aobut everything


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