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1987 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z


1988 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z 28 Targa


Photo of: 1987 Chevrolet Camaro
Photo of: 1988 Chevrolet Camaro

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About “I ROC U”

I got her in 93 and was used for a daily driver for a few years then in 98 she was stolen in front of my work and was driven to california which they were about to sell it off but got pulled over by an officer and found out it was stolen. She was then towed back to oregon which i found out they stripped the car's floor mats, stereo, tires, and some other random stuff and they also stole a good 5k of personal items in the car.

She was gone for a 3 month period so I was forced to buy another car as I exepted to never see it again, so when i got the camaro back i used the other car as a DD and the camaro was kept in the garage for several yrs rarely started let alone driven. then back in around 05 I moved and was forced to keep the camaro outside which she was again never started so in mid-09 I got enough money to get her running which cost me $1500 because of injectors needed cleaning, fuel tank needed cleaning, all fuels flushed and filled, and some other small stuff.

well now i have my girl back and running strong and hoping sometime to get enough money for tags, reg., and some other requirements so she can be driven again!

she will not be left stock for to much longer as I have BIG plans for her when I can afford to get parts. Also this is the car I learned my mechanical experience on.

Iv since got the car fixed up Iv competly restored the paint to near as perfect as i can get it but I still try to get it nicer!

Also while this sound strange, Everytime I drive her even if its just down the street I feel like me and my car are an million bucks and she sure does get plenty attention, exepecially with no muffler lol.

I cant wait for the day to get her street legal and a few mods in her to go crusin down the freeway on a nice warm summer night with the t-tops off (which dont leak btw) listening to boston going 80+mph without an care in the world. Now thats the life! dam I cant wait!

About “Meri”

1988 Camaro IROC-Z gone through a transformation (no pun intended).
Following the looks of the new Camaro, with the new bodykit, it's difficult to even tell this car's originally from the 80's. With few added extras, it's unique.
And if someones wondering what name "Meri" means, it means "the ocean". Thought it suits him well because of his aqua blue colour.
About the begin of the process; exterior-wise the car wasnt in a perfect shape to begin with so it was a good target for the modifications we had in mind (lol, and we didnt feel too bad about ripping it apart).
To mention few noticeable things, the original paint was starting to peel off and the fog lights were missing. The car was also equipped with the standard hood and while we were at it we decided to go with the z28 style hood. We also got rid of the shorty rear wing so the cars rear end would have the smooth straight look to it. Of course we could've gone with the original look and just restore the car but the car's not that rare and we wanted to make him a bit different than a bone stock 1988 Camaro.
Anyways, the guy we bought the car from was ready to sell it for $6000 and for a rust-free car that has *only* 52816 miles on it, it was a good deal.
But thanks to Meri for being the special little car that brought our visions alive.


Specs for “I ROC U”

Stock 305tpi with 700r4 tranny with 3.23 rear. puts out 200hp 300tq. 0-60 is probaly somewhere in the 7's and quarter in low-mid 15's with top speed of 130

Specs for “Meri”

Car: 1988 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z 28 targa
Engine: 5.0 L TPI V8
Drivetrain: RWD
Transmission: automatic


Factory Options for “I ROC U”

fully loaded excluding leather and 350tpi

5.0 tuned port injection, 700r4 auto, 3.23 posi rear end, sapphire metallic paint, grey deluxe cloth interior, bose sound system w/ equalizer, a/c, rear defroster, tinted glass, t-tops, power seats, power locks, power windows, power mirrors, power hatch release, folding rear seats, quite sound group, grey floormats f/r, luggage compartment trim, rear locking storage compartment, f/r disk brakes, cruise control, engine oil cooler, tilt steering column, heavy duty battery, gage package, IROC-Z package 3. You could expect to pay 20k atleast for this new, base msrp was around 15k

Factory Options for “Meri”

4-speed overdrive automatic transmission TH-700
Air conditioning
Power locks
Power steering
Electric windows
Electric mirrors
Cruise control
Electric seats
16" Aluminum rims


Mods for “I ROC U”

aperance mods: leBra, dual polished exhuast tips, chrome liscence plate frames, polished valve stem caps, dark grey sheepskin seat covers, blue steering wheel cover, silver instrumental benzel/silver ashtray/antenna/lugs/calipers.

peformance mods: pretty stock exept the usual slighty better maintence stuff and a 180* themostat sticky tires and no muffler, also a few free air mods.

future mods apperance wise: chrome lugs, refinish wheels, paint calipers, fix dents, fiberglass functional iroc hood, new paint (same color), tint, fix interior, new lights, polish engine parts, and other odds and ends.

future mods Peformance wise: magnaflow exhuast/cat, hooker headers/ y-pipe. then replacment brakes and shocks/struts, ram air, porting of tpi system/heads, rebuild tranny with shift kit / vette servo, new rear end with ls1 f-body brakes, small weight reductions, new tires, cooling items, and other stuff i just cant think of right now. future big power adding mods will be either an full work over of the 305tpi or maybe sometime an lt1 or 350/383 tpi

Mods for “Meri”

2009 Camaro bodykit
ACE 20" alloy wheels with 255/35-20 tires
New paintjob with the Yenko Camaro inspired stripes


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