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Kapaa, Hawaii
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1987 Mazda RX-7 GXL


1991 Geo Tracker


Photo of: 1987 Mazda RX-7

No longer owned

Photo of: 1991 Geo Tracker

No longer owned


Head to Head


About “Silver”

I bought this car in 2007. When I was a kid and I first saw this car I fell in love with it and vowed to get one of my own. And now today I have one. Its slowly but surely getting fixed up. I have kids so the parts are slowly getting bought. But its a fun ride and can really move. I even went back to where I am from in Texas and raced it against other cars on the Eagle Mountain Lake cliff roads. They are full of hairpin turns. But to get to the point, I beat an RX8 and a Mustang Saleen in my car. It can really corner. Almost as good as my Integra. My RX7 is named Silver, just like in the Lone Ranger. Hiyo Silver, awaaaay!

Added: Let me put in a little clarification for those who would dispute my car beating a Saleen. Granted the Saleen has more HP but I know how to drive my car, he didnt. And if you have ever seen the Eagle Mountain Lake Cliff roads you would understand as soon as you seen all of the hairpins and corners. When my car first came out in roadtests it beat the Porshe 924 in the corners and handling.The only thing that the 924 beat the RX7 in was acceleration. And that was just barely. I am not a rich kid like the guy who had the Saleen. Mommy and Daddy didnt buy me my car. Every car I have owned I have bought myself. I work on my own cars, I rebuild my own engines and I add my own mods. I dont put mine in a shop and let someone else work on it because I dont know how. And anytime I race and I win it was me and my car that did it. Not someone elses labor. Mine.

About “Tracker!”

UPDATE! I gave this vehicle away to an elderly gentleman who needed a vehicle.
This tracker belonged to my neighbor. a few month ago the thermostat gave out and when he was changing it out he broke a bolt. he tried to drill it out but he made it worser.

So the other day I asked him what he was gonna do with it, he said if I wanted it I could take it

So I did I drilled out the bolt re threaded the hole and was done in 10 minutes. I wasnt gonna keep it I figured Id help him out cause hes an older dude fix it and give it back to him.

The Tracker needed a facelift, it was a little faded and the wheels were surfaced rust so I buffed out the paint and painted the wheels I undercoated the wheel wells just to spiff it out. I gutted the interior and pressure washed the seats and carpet. that little suv came a long way.

Well today I tried to give it back to him. He was amazed at the outcome (i should have taken a few b4 pics) but he REFUSED to take it back! He said that I put way to much work into it and he couldnt take it back!

I tried telling him that its what I enjoy doing and I never intended to keep it. It was a great feeling rushing home in the afternoon to tinker on it, but he refused taking it back so now im stuck with it! :lmao:

I didnt want to take no for an answer and we agreed upon my services for his CTS ill detail it for him and change the fluids when they need to be.

With all the work Ive been doing these past few months coming home exhasuted and disgusted trying to stay on top of evrything and having no time at all to do any of my own projects, ( i got a few bolt ons for my dually and Ive had the lift for big teaze for 2 years now) It was a great feeling coming home and doing something that I enjoyed for someone else who appreciated it, I only regret that he doesnt want it back cuase im gonna be stuck with it for a while, I couldnt sell it cause he gave it to me and my wife is allready having kittens cause this is gonna make vehicle #5.

I hope that she will use it cause its way to small for me and ill feel clostraphobic in it! :lmao:


Specs for “Silver”

13b rotary engine. Havent gotten it on the quarter mile yet but the time is coming soon. Have to get a few mods for it to run even faster! The fastest that I have gotten this car was 160 mph on the highway. But in the hills the top speed was 140mph. Flatter is better. Gotta get Silver on the Dyno soon. Maybe my next trip to Fort Worth I will do it.

Specs for “Tracker!”

Engine: 4-Cyl. 1.6 Liter
Transmission: 5 Speed Manual
Drivetrain: 4WD


Factory Options for “Silver”

Come on, its a GXL. They were packed with extras. Sunroof, AC and even the electronic suspension adjustment that changes it from normal to sport. And it all still works! And lets not forget the independent rear suspension and the four wheel disc brakes.

Factory Options for “Tracker!”



Mods for “Silver”

Hmmm, not much yet. Just a new Pioneer stereo, 2 Kicker Comp 12 inch subs, 2 Kenwood tweets, and 2 4000 watt Sony X-plode amps. Its loud as hell. And if you are wondering why so many brands, I think that each one is the best for that part.

Mods for “Tracker!”

color matched 4wd hubs


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