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1991 Chevrolet Beretta GTZ L67/3800sc


2002 Dodge Neon same color as car

“my baby”

Photo of: 1991 Chevrolet Beretta
Photo of: 2002 Dodge Neon

Head to Head


About “#Sleeper”

I purchased the car new in '91. I loved the look of the car the minute I saw it. Once I drove it. I had to have it. After a few years of owning it, I started doing mods; big stereo, aftermarket rims, etc. I had been showing it at a few local car shows over the years.

In '02, I decided I wanted more power. Something that was really different. I started a L67/3800sc engine swap. After three years of setbacks and problems and challenges, the car hit the streets. It still has a few bugs to workout. I am very pleased with the results. The body has 102,XXX miles on it. The motor and tranny has about 1000 miles on them now.

L67/3800sc close-up

Custom axles made by The Driveshaft Shop

OBX racing seats with RCI four-point seatbelts

About “my baby”

this car has turbos,superchargers,a sound system and a cool air intake this bitch will leave in a heart beat.....


Specs for “#Sleeper”

3800sc swap. VERY rare engine swap. Only 4 L67 swaps that I know of. Tried to dyno the car in Feb. '06, but the car tried to "hoop" off the dyno. So the dyno run was a bust. I have since done a lot of frontend work on the car. Improved the handling and structure of the unibody. Custom axles by The Driveshaft Shop. Rebuilt the entire front cross-member to handle the torque of the L67. New KYB GR2 shocks and struts to improve the ride. Strut tower brace and cross-member braces to stiffen up the frontend more.

Some guessimating on the numbers about 300 horses at the crank & 240+ to the wheels, torque 300+.
Stock '98 GTP
~280ftlbs torque
weight 3400lbs.
0-60 6.8 seconds
1/4 time of 15.1.
Figure same motor and tranny plus more power in a 2800lbs. car. Guesstimating mid to low 13's in the 1/4mile.

I did most of the work to the L67 swap and most of the bodywork mods myself. I had friends help when needed or showed me how. Can't learn if you don't watch and do.

cam by Comp Cams 28hp to the crank 19hp to wheels
MSD disc-4 igntion system
MSD coilpacks and wires
SDS stand alone management unit
larger injectors
Thrasher adjustable fuel pressure regulator
Holley inline fuel pump
180' thermostat
Pacesetter headers
2.75" exhaust
highflow cat
Tsudo performance muffler
smaller supercharger pulley
custom axles by The Driveshaft Shop
2300rpm stall converter
A/C delete pulley
custom fabricated motor mounts
Dual electric cooling fans

KYB GR2 shocks & struts
GM strut tower bar from '95 Z24 Cavalier
Adco rear sway bar
GM strut tower to front cross-member braces '95 Z34 Lumina

one off Ram-air hood I made
Shaved front bumper
Shaved antenna
PCP BMW E-36 Angel-eye headlight swap
PCP clear side markers
'96 Z26 grille
'96 rear filler panels
18" chrome Exel Version 7 rims
Pirelli tires 225/40/18
'04 Mustang Mach 1 front lip
Few more surprises in the works.

OBX racing seats
RCI four-point seatbelts
Custon fiberglass dash
Custom fiberglass door panels
Custom fiberglass center console
Custom fiberglass reardeck
Custom headliner
Speedhut whiteface indiglo guages
Speedhut whiteface indiglo HVAC
Autometer guages indiglo/whiteface
Chrome daimond plate backseat area
Sony CD player headunit
Boston Acoustic 6.43 Pro-series component set
JLAudio 12W6's two in sealed box in trunk
2 PPI chrome series amps 2300 & 4400
USAC rated at 145.7 750 watts

More surprises on the way.

Specs for “my baby”

While at Nopi Nationals in Atlanta, GA I picked up a new pair of seats for the car. I think they fit the over all clean look of the car. They are Corbeau Legacy Black Suede Racing Seats. After talking to the Corbeau rep, it looks like I'm getting sponsored.

Just a little update; I just got a few extra parts to hopefuly complete this project. In the next few weeks I should have the Neon running again after two years. Once I get the car running its off the Extreme Motorsports for some basic tunning. From there to GW Collision for some new paint and then to Speedesign Graphics for vynal graphics. After the car has a few miles on it, it'll go back to Extreme Motorsports for a retune and then the Neon will be good to go. So again, stay tuned. It's almost done!

November 14, 2006, marks the offical re-birth of the R/T. After three days of hell trying to figure out why the car wouldn't start, she finally did. It's one of the greatest feelings in the world to have completed a project like this. I never thought this day would come. Some might say putting $30K into a Neon isnt worth it, but I disagree. All my hard work has paid off. Now, I'm not finished yet, there are many little things I need to take care of first. So stay tuned!

August 03, 2007: The neon still sits. I havent done much of anything for quite awhile. I just recived alot of carbon fiber interior parts that I've been wainting for since last last October. A few months ago I got a AllMotorMike turbo intake manifold, its installed but now I need to weld up some new boost pipes. Wilwood brakes are installed along with a new timing belt and pulley. Again, she isnt finished yet and I have no completion date. She'll be done when shes done. Meanwhile, life is great when I get to drive my '06 Charger R/T.

September 23, 2007: The neon was started today. After almost a year since the last start up she still sounds mean as hell. A bunch of friends came over to help me work on the car. We got a lot done I think. In a few weeks I'll be able to drive her. It's been well over 3 years since the last time. I wont be "boosting" her so to speak. The turbo is there, just not all the boost pipes. So for now, the turbo will be running "open". This will give me some time to break in the engine and save some money to get the rest of the the pipes made and a good tune. Then she would just need a fresh coat of paint. I'll try to have some new pics up soon.


Factory Options for “#Sleeper”

Power windows
Power locks
AM/FM cassette
Lower lumbar support driverside seat
Fold down backseat
Rear window defogger
Driverside airbag

Factory 3.1 140 horses was swapped out for a 3800sc 240 horses. The 3800sc swap is VERY rare for a Beretta. Only a 5 or 6 exist in various forms(turbo, supercharge, N/A) My 3800sc is NOT stock. Check "MODS" section for complete list of mods to car and motor.

Factory Options for “my baby”

all it came with factory is a four cylender some rims and the body was alright but it is beeter now that I have put money into it well holla


Mods for “#Sleeper”

L67/3800sc swap
custom fabricated motor mounts
Pacesetter headers
2.75" exhaust
high flow cat
Tsudo performance muffler
dual electric cooling fans
cam by Comp Cams
larger injectors
180' thermostat
MSD-Disc4 ignition system, wires, & coilpacks
SDS stand alone management unit
AEM Wideband
smaller supercharger pulley
Holley inline fuel pump
Thrasher adjustable fuel pressure regulator
custom axles by The Driveshaft Shop
stall torque converter 2300rpms
A/C Delete pulley

KYB GR2 shocks & struts
GM Strut tower flex-bar '95 Z24 Cavavlier
GM Strut to crossmember braces '95 Z34 Lumina
Adco rearsway-bar
Pirelli 225/40/18 tires

OBX racing seats
RCI four-point seatbelts
Speedhut white-face Indiglo guages
Speedhut white-face Indiglo HVAC
fiberglass dashboard. door panel, center console, reardeck
custom headliner
Auto-Meter white-face Indiglo guages molded into dash
Grant steering wheel

one off custom Ram-air hood
shaved front bumper
shaved anteena
PCP E-36 angel-eye headlights swap
'95 Z26 grille
'95 rear filler panels
18' chrome Exel Version 7 rims
PCP clear side markers

6.43 Boston Acoustic highs & mids
two JLAudio 12W6 subs
Sealed box sub-box
PPI chrome series amps 2300 & 4400
2300 running front sound stage
4400 running subs at 3ohm mono 2x300
USAC rated at 145.7
750 watts total
Sony CD flip-face headunit

Mods for “my baby”

so far I have put gages in it got it running again and out rims on it the best thing that I have done was put a sound system in it well it was the first thing I did I got the system than put rims on it than paint than gages than turbo coolair intake and supercharger well than I put seats in it well now I am getting neon put in and under it


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