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1993 Lincoln Mark VIII

“Lincoln Mark”

1999 Pontiac Trans Am 30th Anniversary

“30 Bird”

Photo of: 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII

For Sale

Photo of: 1999 Pontiac Trans Am

Head to Head


About “Lincoln Mark”

A 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII. I have a body shop so I just painted this one up as my driver to take to local car shows to advertise my shop this summer. This is actually my seventh one of these ... I like these cars. They have the Mustang Cobra aluminum motor and make a very nice ride for not too much money.

About “30 Bird”

Well went in the dealership Saturday May 15 1999 to by a corvette (don't hate). After getting the attention of a salesman they finally let me drive the car. As it was going to be my daily driver I took it to the grocery store to do my shopping for the week. It was apparent the practicality of the Vette was wanting. (I had always wanted one) Dejected I returned to the dealership to let them know it was not going to work out with the Vette. They said they wanted to show me one more car. It was the 30th. I was told there was a waiting list and no dealing on the car it would sell for sticker. I saw the car and HATED THOSE UGLY WHEELS. (I think that they are the coolest thing about the car now) made the decision to buy the car placed on the list unbeknownst to me I was already on the list.(not a sales job I was really on the list) I was placed on it in 1994 when (the 25th came out) I could not afford a Geo Metro let alone a trans am at the time, but was sure I would have the money in 5 years. Turns out 1994 me was right. I bought the car Tuesday May 18, 1999 after the first person passed, because it was a stick (they were crazy) It had 7 miles on it when I bought it now it has 127,000 Love this car!


Specs for “Lincoln Mark”

Has the 4.6 Litre double overhead cam aluminum cobra type motor in it with 285 hp. While newer cars are putting out more and more power, 18 years ago this was quite the "cat's meow" for Ford. Most people don't know that this motor came out first in this Lincoln before it came out in the Cobra Mustang. These cars also came out with air ride suspension that lowered the car at highway speeds.

Specs for “30 Bird”

330 HP 5.7L LS1 Rock stock gets 29-30 MPG on the highway and did 12.9 1/4 mile @ 108 MPH that is just nuts!


Factory Options for “Lincoln Mark”

Pretty well loaded with the Lincoln Luxury and DOHC performance, premium sound system, memory seats and sunroof with rain senor. I've upgraded the wheels to those from a '98 LSC version, but still Lincoln Mark VIII wheels.

Factory Options for “30 Bird”

Standard with 6 speed 12 disk & TCS Defog


Mods for “Lincoln Mark”

I've painted it with a true Candy Apple Red (6 coats of transparent red over a silver base) over black with a hint of red pearl on the black, all covered in multiple layers of clear-coat and sanded, re-cleared and sanded & buffed to remove paint ridges between colors. Changed out to '98 Mark VIII LSC wheels. The air suspension becomes problematic when older so converted to springs & shocks. Custom done Lincoln/Cobra emblem and nameplates painted under the clear.

Mods for “30 Bird”

More repairs than MODS
New battery 2006, New tires 2000 & 2008, Soon I will be doing something with the clutch, K&N air filter Just replaced the original belts before the bandit run April 2011


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