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1996 VolksWagon Jetta Desile

“bro's jetta”


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this is my brother's jetta he bout it from a cop and fixed it up in total he payed about 1grand plus he only drove it for maby 6 or 7 weeks then some old lady rerdnded him he was at a stop yealding the right of way and this old lady in a grand prix hit him anywhere from 70km to 100km her car was totaled and her inshurance payed to have it fixed and my bros car was driveable but the car was wrode off for a supposed bent fram but the onl;y issuse with it is some minor dents from when the cop had it and the trunk would not close but we fixed that in like ten min the only thing still wrong with it is where the rear bumper connect to the fram was rusty an ended up breaking. he only got like $400 for the car. no one was majorly hurt but my brother did have a slight concusion and wiplash and we where told we dont have enouf evedance to su her but yet we have the car still.


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