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2001 Mercury Cougar ZN

“#My Ride”

1995 Chevrolet Beretta Base

“The Monster”

Photo of: 2001 Mercury Cougar
Photo of: 1995 Chevrolet Beretta

No longer owned


Head to Head


About “#My Ride”

Alright. This is my 2001 Mercury Cougar ZN. Right now, The only Thing ive done is install my sound system in it(powered by Alpine!). Also, It came with a Magnaflow Performance Exhuaust System, and it sounds pretty good. I have big plans in the future for My Ride, and the future cant come soon enough.

About “The Monster”

I bought this car about 4 years ago and then it was just the everyday base garnet red. Well on my way home from buyin it i saw 3 more just like it and i thought to myself "man i gotta change this" and thats when the silver came into my head. Shortly after that I wanted to change out the nutless 2.2l 4-banger and throw in somethin a little bigger. So i set my sights on a 3.1MPFI. Not soon after the 3.1 came into my hands my town was wrecked with a BIG flood and needless to say the 3.1 caught it due to the fact i couldn't move the car, and I barely got mine outta there. About a week later the 2.2 decided to crap out which gave me a perfect excuse to go tinkerin around with that 3.1. Well to make a long story short the motor went in and about 950 bucks later after spinning the bearings in the crank it was goin damn good. But recently I have had to do 2 complete rebuilds and countless top end reworks to get the bugs out. One of the rebuilds was done due to a cracked rear head and a cracked block thanks to my screwed up diagnostics teacher who doesn't get that 4500 RPMs in park can severely damage a motor. But now its goin and goin good for the most part. This thing has got some serious nuts, but after 3 years with the same motor its time to go with somethin even more powerful a L67 3.8L Supercharged V6. But that could be a little bit before her new power plant gets dropped in. So watchout you kids with these hopped up ricers. Haha, just playin, i'll let my car do the talking when the new power plant goes be continued....well to continue with the motor package. I have recieved some insight on that particular swap (thanks ROLN) and careful consideration the new power plant will not be for this beretta. Instead possibly a 3.4L but we'll see how it goes...


Specs for “#My Ride”

Right now, i only know that it has a 2.5L Duratec V6. Top speed is 150 mph. Im working on the rest

Specs for “The Monster”

Engine: 1991 3.1 MPFI (all internals have been replaced w/ stock equivalent) not dynoed yet but probably pretty close to stock around 120-130 HP off motor
Trans: 3 speed auto
The highest speed i've had it was 115mph, and that was only due to the injectors shutting off...damn Ralph Nadar switches! But there was still plenty of pedal to go so i'm sure its capable of much more than just have been able to afford the right chip to put in it.


Factory Options for “#My Ride”

4 wheel disc brakes, black leather interior, moonroof, 17" rims

Factory Options for “The Monster”

Not really anything here, just the stock stuff that came with the base.
AC (which is gone, i tore it out)
Power Locks (which are non-existant due to motor swap)
other than that not a whole lot.


Mods for “#My Ride”

Like i said earlier, the Magnaflow Exhuast system. I've also put in an Alpine head unit, with two 12'' Dual subs

Mods for “The Monster”

Body Kit: off a 1990 Beretta Indy found in a junkyard, solid front grill off a Z26, and rear wing (grill and wing not pictured yet) from Sunbird
Engine: 95 2.2L to a 91 3.1MPFI
Exhaust: 4" racing muffler (not sure of brand)
Wheels and Tires: Neeper T-Rexes wrapped in Toyo Proxie Ziex
Suspension: Stock
Interior: Grant GT steering wheel, Z26 front seats, some custom paint work (most disappeared after dashboard broke replacing wiring harness), Interior apolstry mismatched colors due to seats, door panels, and back panels out of different cars (3 to be exact)
Sunroof out of 88 GT (not installed yet)
All silver paint done by myself.


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