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Gaithersburg, Maryland
United States


2009 Chevrolet Impala ss


1983 Mazda 626


Photo of: 2009 Chevrolet Impala
Photo of: 1983 Mazda 626

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About “09impala”

Bought this car with 3600 miles on it. My wife drives it everyday to drive the kids around. Great car. Wife is very happy with it. average 34 mpg.

About “Outlaw”

This car is an outlaw so it apears only under cover. My parents sold this car to me for $1 to use as a back up car when my 88 Taurus was getting old. When I got my 2000 Taurus I kept this car for errands such as taking my trash to the county transfer station. After my 2000 Taurus lost its new feel, I stopped driving the Mazda and kept it parked on the driveway next to the garage. When I got a notice to have the emissions checked I was going to take the car to the emissions station but the battery was dead so I didn't take it and let the plates expire. I was thinking of donating the car to charity but before that happened a tree company I hired to take care of my trees ignored my directions and dumped the mulch from their work on the driveway behind my car. It has taken me a while to get the 10+' x 5' x 3' deep pile down to where I cold get the car out. During that time, some nosey neighbor complained to the county that I had a car parked in my driveway without any tags and apparently the county I live in considers that to be a solid waste if it doesn't have tags on it even if it runs. So I got historic tags for the car (don't need emissions check) and a car cover so the neighbor can no longer see whther or not I have tags for it. I decided to paint the car cover since the neighbor didn't like the car and the cover helps hide the cars real identity and no one can see if I've kept the plates up to date.


Specs for “09impala”

all factory

Specs for “Outlaw”

Dead battery and now neaerly flat tires so top speed is estimated at 10 - 15 mph if I push it over what remains of the mulch pile and it rolls down the hill. I guess it would take about 20 seconds to reach the front ditch which is about 100 feet away.


Factory Options for “09impala”

Boses radio
full power seats
sun roof
heated seats
cooled seats

Factory Options for “Outlaw”

No factory options listed.


Mods for “09impala”

NO mods.

Mods for “Outlaw”

Beautiful car cover to hide its true identity


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